Some book reviews and comments from readers:  

“In Dancing With Herons Joni James raises a fresh new voice, eloquently expressing the need to connect with and more fully appreciate our local natural history. This is a little book with a big message.”   –Ada Parks

That we humans can experience a joyful and peaceful existence by simply learning to observe, listen, and appreciate wildness anywhere we find it is gracefully demonstrated and poignantly voiced by author Joni L. James in Dancing With Herons: Bearing Witness To Local Natural History. I highly recommend that you read this book, follow her example, and learn to pause, look, and listen to nature—find your own local wilderness.”   –Pat Newforth  

 “. . . Her love and understanding of the natural world is evident as she shares her thoughts with the reader. She has found the world of nature close to home in an unexpected, man-made place. Ms. James tempts us with glimpses of life surrounding her ‘ponds.’  Reading her concise snippets leaves me wanting to join her on a misty morning to inhale the essence of the ponds she loves so dearly. . .The book is well worth reading.”  –Annie Bright, The Bright Side, Spencer Evening World

“Joni James reveals her ‘secret life’ in this series of natural encounters over a lifetime and the possibility of choosing an intimate personal relationship to the local natural world that cradles us all.”   –Michael Doran May  

“If the messages delivered by writers like Aldo Leopold, Edwin Way Teale, Gene Stratton-Porter, Terry Tempest Williams, and Scott Russell Sanders resonate with you, you ought to read Dancing With Herons, an intimate chronicle of outdoor experiences from the personal journals of new author Joni L. James.”  –Ira Katt  

“. . .Everyone should get this book, sit quietly in their favorite chair, without distraction, and live this book with Joni! Totally a great read! This book allows me to 'tag along' and see a piece of what you see and feel in nature! Loved it.” –Sally Hedges  

“Love this . . . it brings you to nature in an eye opening experience.”  –Chris Wheeler

“Love this book! Great gift for those who have everything! Indiana Author!” –Carla Allen

“Dancing With Herons. . .connected me to the wilderness we all need to observe with its amazing sights, sounds and aromas. The book has no photographs but the author's descriptive writing places you there, ‘in the now’ of each adventure. I highly recommend this book for that very reason! I agree with ‘Ada.’ A little book with a big message!” –Jerilyn Dausch  

“I. . .read Dancing With Herons. I chuckled a few times and also some of the writings brought tears to my eyes. . .I felt the author's being in each entry. A great experience for me! Her writings give a great visual.”   –Pamela James