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Joni James

About Me . . .

I am a retired teacher with 30 years of experience in education and nature study. I am a naturalist, environmental educator, bird watcher, nature photographer, and writer, certified by the National Association of Interpretation as an Interpretive Guide and Advanced Master Naturalist. My goal is to educate and mentor children and adults towards a restored nature awareness.

Need a speaker for your event? Want to provide an educational program for your students, employees, members, citizens?


Who would be interested in one of my Nature programs?

Classrooms, schools, home-schools, scout groups, gardening groups, conservation groups, youth groups, service clubs, businesses, organizations, senior groups, organizers of special events, workshops, conferences, etc.

Through digital slide shows, activities, and/or discussions, participants will grow in their knowledge and understanding of Nature and their place in it.

Programs can range from one hour or less, depending on the topic, setting, and your need.

To schedule a program, email or call me 2 - 4 weeks in advance of your event.

I offer numerous programs, such as Identifying Tracks & Animal Sign, Skull Study, Birds & Bird Watching, Wetlands, Owls, Adaptations, Creating Wildlife Habitat, Nature Photography, Citizen Science Projects.

Links are provided below to a broad list of HeronWatch Nature Education Program topics as well as a specific list of Bird Programs currently available. 

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